Buhl Mediation is a specialist in the areas of

• Management of companies (conflicts between owners/founders, between the owner, the board and the executive board, between equal managers and between managers and employees)

• Construction (conflicts between the developer and the contractor, between the builder/contractor and advisors, between the developer/entrepreneur and stakeholders, for example residents of public buildings)

• Disputes and conflicts with the authorities.

Buhl Mediation also mediates conflicts between Danish companies and their German/English cooperatives.

The principles of mediation are also suitable for the conclusion of contracts. By working with a mediator, it is ensured that all parties' interests are met and that delicate topics are discussed in a constructive and forward-looking way. That way, the contract becomes a working document, and not just a document that is put in a drawer, when discrepancies arise. As Buhl Mediation does not provide legal advice, we have lawyers, accountants or other advisers at our disposal for contracts.

Buhl Mediation does not work with family mediation, mediation in criminal cases and the like.