Immediate mediation

The concept of "Immediate mediation" was developed for the construction industry and began in November 2016.

"Immediate mediation" opens up the opportunity to bring a mediator out early on in the process and without preliminary discussions. The parties do not have to agree in order for immediate mediation to begin. When all parties are gathered, they will decide whether mediation will be used.

The idea of immediate mediation is to put all issues on the table immediately after a conflict has arisen. The time of initial contact to the meeting, is the driving time from Aarhus C.

The good thing about immediate mediation is that the conflict is diffused very quickly after it has arisen.

A professional (immediate) mediator is a neutral and impartial third person who confidentially and efficiently helps the parties find a good solution that works for them. The mediator does not make decisions in the cases.

The purpose of immediate mediation is for the parties to reach an agreement as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Immediate mediation is settled in accordance with a fixed hourly rate of 2,250 DKK + VAT + driving.