Mediation of Business Conflicts

Buhl Mediation helps companies resolve discrepancies. These may be discrepancies between partners in liberal professions. They may be collaborative problems between managers and employees…between the Executive Board and the Board of Directors…between a professional landlord and tenants…and so on...

A mediator is an impartial third person who, in a structured, confidential meeting, helps the parties find a satisfactory solution to the discrepancies.

The goal of mediation is for companies and people to find cost effective solutions that allow for continued cooperation or the best possible conclusion of cooperation.


How does it work?

Mediation is started by a party or counsellor calling or writing. I listen to the problem, and then contact the other parties involved.

Everyone involved must agree to seek a solution by mediation.

After an initial conversation, (with all involved), we discuss how the mediation meeting would be best prepared, (whether information should be exchanged between the parties, whether I should contact others, whether I should read material about the company etc.).

Preparation often takes no more than one week, as it is important not to lose momentum and because the idea behind mediation is to act quickly.

The mediation meeting is held at a neutral location, (often in conference rooms at Navitas at the Aarhus harbor, where Buhl Mediation is located).

Mediation typically takes half an entire day and ends with an agreement.

Results are achieved by combining the parties' desire to achieve win-win solutions, with clear frameworks, continuous summaries of what was said (and not said), as well as creative, targeted work focusing on all problems and interests.

In addition to the parties, counsellors, (trusted persons) or advisors, (for example, economists, accountants, building advisors, lawyers or similar) are sometimes included.



Payment with a fixed offer or an hourly rate is agreed upon.
As a general rule, mediation is paid by the parties in equal amounts, no matter the final outcome.
Preliminary discussions – free of charge

Preparation (planning, reading materials and the like), hourly rate

1.070 DKK + VAT

Mediation meeting, indicative hourly rate

2.295 DKK + VAT

Mediation meeting in entrepreneurial businesses, indicative hourly rate 

1.345 DKK + VAT

Note: "Indicative hourly rate" is due to the fact that the hourly rate differs with any fixed offer.
Note: Some cases are covered by legal or advisory liability insurance.

Prices are valid for 2023.